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Our Story

Our Journey into the heart warming and gentle world of Alpacas and Llamas began 4 years ago when we visited a friend's farm that raised Alpacas. Jeff was a Vietnam veteran and the calming effect from these animals helped his common struggle of isolation, also faced by many returning veterans.  He felt in love with the Alpacas and after we visited 19 Alpaca farms and of much research, we had a life changing moment.  Here was no turning back. We chose our foundation herd of 5 girls and our new lift endeavor began. We now have 24 Alpacas and 7 Llamas and we are continuing to grow. Our daughter, Julie, has now joined in with ownership of her own alpacas and half ownership of some of the alpacas and llamas. (Camelot Alpacas and Llamas of Woodstock) 

Let’s Work Together

1406 Parklane Drive, Woodstock Il. 60098


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