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All discounted sale prices are shown for each animal. Package deals are available.
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Males for Sale

Moon Shadow pic 2024.jpg

Hitch'N Post Moon Shadow

Moonshadow is an unproven registered white 2-year old male with a well known Snowmass lineage. His father is Albus's Anxiety and Dam is Synergy's Independence (Sire Robasia's Royal Triumph). He has been to County Fairs and took a 2nd in his class. We would like to take him a show in the spring for more exposure in the ring. He has a sweet demeanor and loves to be with other Alpacas. He is always first to greet you. His fleece has great crimp, softness, and staple length. He has taken a growth spurt this year and loving his confirmation. He would make an excellent breeder for your farm.

Price: $3,000.00


Adagio is a 7-year old registered white proven male. SIRE: Robasia's Albus, who is a champion Get of Sire. DAM:  Pearl Alpacas Superstar's Melody. He has nice confirmation with fiber that is dense and with excellent crimp. His offspring daugher has taken first place at the AOA Alpaca shows. We are also waiting for another cria for 2024 from this guy!! 2019 EPD's Top 1% SDAFD, Top 10% AFD, SF, %F>30, MC, and %M

Was $2,500.00
NOW $1,500.00

Females: For Sale


Hitch'N Post Tara Luna

Tara Luna is an unproven 1-year old white female that would be perfect for your herd. She is halter trained but just needs a little more time to practice for shows. She has been to one AOA show and took a 5th in walking fleece. She is a sweetheart. She has an good stature, crimpy fleece and her fleece is now starting to show more density. Her dam is Synergy's Starlight. and her sire is Robasia's Albus, a national champion.  She would be perfect for AOA shows, 4-H shows, or just a pet. 

Was $2,000.00

Synergy's Star Light

Star light.jpg

Synergy's Starlight is a 4 year old proven female. Her offspring is Hitch'N Post Tara Luna. Her Dam is Snowmass Royal Velvet Light and her Sire is Robasia's Superstar. She is medium brown in color. She was unable to go to a show, but her fleece is has density and uniform crimp. 


More Females: FOR SALE

All discounted sale prices are shown. Call CJ at 815-979-6939
Velvet side view.jpg

Royal Velvet Light

Royal Velvet Light is a registered 12-year old proven pregnant female. Birthdate: 9/24/2011. Her color is a beautiful medium brown and darker brown face as she took Color Champion in 2012 and 2013.  Sire:  Snowmass Matrix Midnight. Dam: Snowmass Royal Light. She has produced beautiful female crias who are now producing excellent quality animals. She has been bred to Irish Meadow's Parker and has a confirmed pregnancy for 2024. Her EPD's are listed on the AOA website.

Was $3,000
IMG_3047 (2) - Copy.JPG

Robasia's Raisa

Raisa is a registered proven female. Her birthdate is 6/2/2015. Her color is medium fawn. Sire is Lord Muireach and Dam is Superstar's Rose. She is halter trained and has a sweet and shy demeanor. She is an excellent mama and has produced cria with lots of crimp and staple length. She has a beautiful face with long eyelashes, not to mention her perfect stature. Her male cria was born in July and his sire is to our Synergy's Valentino (Please ask if you would be interested in her 2023 cria. He will be available in this coming spring). She has been bred to our Irish Meadow's Surrender and has a confirmed pregnancy. She will be available after she weans her 2023 cria. Her EPD's are shown on the AOA website. 

Was $5,000.00
Raisa's male cria Hitch'N Post Rico He is in our show string in March and April but he is available. His fiber is so soft and you can melt right into it.  He is a sweetheart and looks like a little Teddy Bear. His confirmation is great and a very good boy. Price: 1500.00

Synergy's Independence

We call her Indy and is she is a delight!! She was born on 11/21/2018 and is a registered proven female of 2 healthy male crias, one of which was born in July of 2023. She is bright white with long staple length and excellent crimp.  She will now come available in Spring 2025 once she weans from her 2024 cria (due 6/24/24). If you are interested in her ahead of time, we can re-breed her to one of our sires in 2024.   She is protective of all the crias, including her own.  She is friendly and fits her name to a T. Her sire is Robasia's Royal Triumph and Dam is Robasia's Quest's Calla Lily, both who have placed well in shows,  Indy's EPD's show the quality of her fleece and is rated top 1%.

Indy's male cria Hitchnpost Romeo is a 8 month old male intact juvenile. If you have an interest in Romeo, we can talk futher.  His sire is Synergy's Valentino and dam is Synergy's Independence. He just placed 3rd in Railsplitter Halter show 2024 for white juvenile class, 3rd place in IAFF show 2024 for white juvenile class, and 3rd place white male walking fleece show! Can't wait to prove his show quality in the upcoming 2024 Alpaca shows!!! 

Synergy's Miracle

Miracle is a 5  year old registered proven white female  who just gave birth to her first female cria in August 2023, Maggie Mae. She is white in color and her fleece is excellent with fabulous crimp, staple length and density.  Her  sire is multi-champion Robasia's Albus and her dam is Robasia's Superstar's Genesis. With fabulous genetics, you won't be dissapointed with Miracle. She has a sweet demeanor.   Miracle will now be available in the spring of 2025 after she weens from her 2024 cria (due August 2024). If you are interested in Miracle ahead of time, we can re-breed her to one of our sires in 2024 for a 2025 cria, You won't be disappointed in Miracle's EPD's listed on AOA website.

Miracle's cria Maggie Mae: Price: Sold

Boule De Neige

Neige is a 5 year old registered unproven female. Her dam is DBF Linnea and Sire is Robasia's Royal Triumph. Her fleece has great density with great crimp and has lots of it!!! SThis girl would be a great fleece girl to add to your farm. Her EPD's are listed on the AOA website. She has 5-6 lbs. of fleece with density, crimp, and staple length.

Was $4500.00 

El Capitan del Amor 


El Capitan del Amor is fabulous! His sire is Irish Meadow's Crescendo, National Champion!! His dam is Robasia's Charisma. Charisma has produced our best crias on the farm. He has long staple lenth and nice crimp. He has nice confirmation and would make a great sire for a farm.

Price: 2500.00

Breeding Services


adagio side.jpg
Adagio close up.jpg


There are several top of the lines sires available to choose from. We breed to improve our herd's quality of fleece and confirmation. Once proven, breeding fees will change.

Adagio is a registered white proven male. His sire is Robasia's Albus, who is a multi-champion. His dam is Pearl Alpacas Superstar's Melody. He has nice confirmation with fiber that is dense and with excellent crimp. His offspring daugher has taken first place at Alpaca shows. 

Breeding Fee: $1000.00 (proven)

Maximus front view.jpg

Synergy's Maximus is a registered white unproven male. His DOB is 7/8/2019, His sire Robasia's Albus, who is a champion Get of Sire. Dam is Robasia's Charisma.  He has inherited his mother's beautiful silky, soft fiber and his crimp continues the full length of his fiber is very dense . His confirmation makes him an excellent choice as well.  You can't miss out on this guy as he has a fabulous Snowmass line! 

Breeding Fee: $750.00 (unproven)


Valentino side view 2.jpg

Valentino is a registered proven white male. He was born on 11/13/19. Dam is BKH Invincible's Arpege and Sire is Snowmass Quechua's Quest. His sire took a first in class Full fleece Huacaya Produce of Dam. He just produced 2 beautiful male crias with excellent fleece. He is a perfect blend of fleece, looks, and stance!!

Breeding Fee: $1,000 (proven)

Irish Meadow's Surrender

surrender side view.jpg

Irish Meadows' Surrender is a registered medium fawn unproven male. He was born on 7/1/2020. We are looking forward to his breeding debut in the summer of 2023. His sire is Irish Meadows' Elite Max, a multi-champion. His dam is Irish Meadows' Winnette. He has proven his worth in AOA alpaca shows placing first in many show. This guy's fleece is phenomenal!! 

Breeding Fee: $1,000.00 (unproven)

Irish Meadows' Runner


Runner is a beautiful intact, unproven True Black male. His fleece is excellent! Take a look at his results in AOA shows. Can't wait to see his future offspring!! His sire is multi-champion Jacob's Black. 

Breeding Fee: $750 (unproven)

If you would more information on our breeding program, please call CJ or Jeff Gregg at 815-979-6939.

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