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Introducing our Alpacas and Llamas

Our Alpaca Boys



Hi! Hi. I’m “Valentino” My color is white, and my birthday is 9/12/2019. People call me Maximus’s brother! The girls call me the “Heartthrob”. I do not like traveling in the trailer and I’m very naughty every time I must travel. Otherwise, I’m friendly, and happy and I love to be loved. I want to just stay on the farm, with Maximus, and I’m very happy. I like my name and I can hardly wait to romance the girls.


Maximus front view.jpg

Hi! My name is Maximus! My other name is “Crackers.” I was born on 7/8/19. I was the first cria to be born on the farm so the humans think I am very special!! My mom, Charisma, is also on the farm. My Dad is Albus, a grand champion!! I have a sister named Apple. I think you can say we look alike. I was the best at halter training and now I am ready for a show. My fleece is the absolute best. It’s so soft, like my mom. Oh, and I am liking the girls on this farm.

Hi! My name is Adagio. I was born on 7/21/2016. I don't want to be pampered or messed with most of the time. I mean business when I see the girls. The humans call me "third wheel" because my buddies are attached at the hip but that's ok, because we are still friends.



Hi! My name is Runner! I was born on 2/28/2021 I come from a farm in Iowa with my other two friends, Surrender and Tucker. My fleece is true black. I won blue and red ribbons at the Alpaca shows. Wenatchee is my best friend.  We are not shy and are brave and give humans lots of nose kisses. I am the bravest Alpaca on the farm because I like to jump right into the swimming pool all by myself. 



Hi! My name is Moonshadow! I was born on the farm and my birthday is on 5/12/2021.  My mom's name is Independence and she is on the farm too. I am the same age as my friend Brookly. I know I am shy, but I am trying to be more brave when I meet the humans. They call me a little bear sometimes only because I look like one when I grow all my fleece in the wintertime. I like to be right next to my friend Surrender for my protection.



Hi! My name is Tucker. I was born in Iowa on 12/1/2022. I won at my last show because of my fleece. I am shy but I like to see what is going on. I like to wrestle my buddies but sometimes I get pinned down. That's ok, I get right back up and play again!



HI! My name is Surrender. I was born on 7/01/2021, so I am getting big now. I am a champion because of my fleece. I stay in the back and let all the other boys go first because I like to watch out for any shenanigans and have a clear escape!!

The Alpaca Girls



"Caprice" is my name! My color is light fawn. My birthday is May 23, 2015.  I'm the gal with the attitude! People say: "she thinks she is the Queen." Im here to tell you... I AM the Queen! I keep everybody in line and I "rule" the pasture. Training the babies is a full time job and it keeps me busy! Sadly, we will miss this one as she has been laid to rest peacefully after an unexpected medical condition. She was a fighter up until the day she passed away. We will truly miss you!!



Hi! I'm "Charisma." My color is white. My birthday is July 11, 2015. People say:  I'm sweet and calming and very well behaved! I "LOVE" being a mom! I have two children on the farm. One is "Maximus" and the other one is "Apple Crispin."

Apple Crispin


Hi, I'm "Apple Crispin." My color is white. My birthday is June 10th, 2020. I was literally born in a mud pile so I really like to be dirty all the time! I stick my whole neck into the water when I drink and roll in the mud puddle!!  People say: Apple is full of life and she is a little dickens! I think that means I'm very happy! I'm always smiling! AND just a little NAUGHTY! I love playing with the babies and I show them how to get in trouble! If you look really close you can see that my coat/fiber is very curly, thick and long. 

Royal Velvet Light


Hello! I'm "Velvet." My color is dark brown. My birthday is September 24th, 2011 (the oldest on the farm). People say:, I'm not very social with the other animals on the farm, but I prefer to be alert, wise, and guard my heard. I'm quite independent and do my own thing but I am very cooperative. I have one daughter on the farm. Her name is Starlight.


Starlight (1).jpg

Hi, I'm "Starlight." My color is dark brown. I look just like my mom, Velvet. My birthday is June 17, 2019. People say I'm very pretty. I have a nice thick coat/fiber that makes beautiful yarn. My personality is friendly and happy! If you are very quiet and don't make quick and sudden moves to frighten me, I will eat from your hand. Don't be afraid, I only have 4 teeth and I don't bite, I just nibble!



Hi, I'm "Independence." my color is white. I was born on the 4th of July in 2018. People call me "Indy" and I LOVE life!! AND I'll tell you a little secret! I'm absolutely crazy about Mr. Jeff, who takes care of us here at the farm. I follow him around and he gives me treats! I have 2 sons, Moon Shadow and Romeo. They are handsome boys!!



I'm "Miracle." My color is white. My birthday is July 7th, 2018. I try to be a very good girl every day! But, when it comes to the day of sheering I scream, I spit, I kick and I cush down. People say I'm a very naughty girl on sheering day! But otherwise, I love everybody and I'm friends with everybody too.



Hi, I'm "Raisa." My color is medium brown. My birthday is June 2, 2015. People say: I'm the Princess of the girls here on the farm. I am very proud and hold my head high. I have 2 daughters and a son. My son is here on the farm and his name is Rico. I am very smart and I have a beautiful coat!! I can't wait for my new cria next year!!



Hi there, I'm "Brooklyn." My color is white. My birthday is May 11, 2021. People say I am very smart and full of vinegar! I think that means I have a fun personality! My coat/fiber is very curly and thick and that is good. When my coat is sheered off, it will make beautiful yarn to make clothing for you! It doesn't itch and you won't be allergic to it. And it will keep you nice and toasty warm! I am now at a different farm and I am so loved and well taken care of! I even took a first and second at the Fair!!



Hi, I'm "Ariana." My color is medium silver. My birthday is September 20, 2020. I was born in Colorado. I already attended my first show and took a third!! I now have a daughter whos name is Ave' Maria! I'll have Tucker's cria next year! I hope I have a boy this time!!

Boule De Neige


Hi, I am Boule De Neige which means "snowball" in French, but you can call me "Neige." My birthday is on 8/14/2018. My color is light beige. I guess you can say that I hold my own on the farm and I can be very stubborn when I want to be!! I am very smart and inquisitive, and I am always checking things out because that is the way I learn. I guess that's why I am so smart! My coat is very creamy and thick and that is good when it comes to making hats and mittens and clothes, and dryer balls for the people who come to visit us. I am over excited since I am going to be a first time mom in 2024.  My cria should be gorgeous since the cria's daddy is Valentino!!

Sorcha Aoife


Hi! My name is Sorcha Aoife! It means bright beauty in Scotland and Ireland. I love, love, love people. I will be the first one to greet you when you come to the farm.  My birthday is 6/17/2017. My coat is white, and I have lots of brothers and sisters on the farm. I love to teach the little ones everything I know about being an Alpaca. Don't be afraid to give me lots of hugs and kisses when you come to visit my new farm. I had my very first cria and her name is Scarlet Town.



Hi! My name is Cielo! It means "heavenly" in Spanish. My birthday is on 5/2/2019. I am a little shy but give me time and I will give you a nose kiss. Me and my friend Sorcha like to run and play. My humans say that my coat is beautiful and crimped all the way up my neck so my fiber is going to make things that will keep you warm in the winter. I am sure glad you came to visit! I am going to have my very first cria next year, 2024.

Tara Luna


My name is Tara Luna and I will be 2 years old in May.  My mom is Starlight. I am her first baby. As you can see, I take after my dad. Mom is medium brown in color and my Dad  is pure white. My fiber is just like my dad, too! My fleece is very crimped, curly, and thick! My dad is a National Champion and "best of show" Alpaca, and I want to be just like him when I grow up!! I am very independent and prefer to learn and do new things on my own. Mom pretty much just let's me run and do what I want, whenever I want.

The Llamas

Blue Danube


Hi! My name is "Blue Danube", but you can call me "Dani!" If you think I look a little different you are right!! I am a Llama, and I am bigger than an Alpaca and my ears are very different! My color is silver. I have a very important job on the farm. I'm here to protect the Alpacas. Alpacas are generally very quiet and very shy, so if something like a coyote come around, I can protect them with my kicks. That's where I must act big and strong and convince those coyotes to leave the Alpacas alone. Nobody gets hurt on my watch!! I have a boy and 2 girls on the farm and their names are Wenatchee Takoda, Alessia Irtysh Koa, and Tallulah Kenai.

Wenatchee Takoda


Hi, my name is Wenatchee Takoda. my birthday is 9/11/2021. I am the only boy Llama on the farm. My coat is called Suri, and my color is Blue Silver. I'm named after a river just like my mom and Tokoda  means loving and friendly. My mom is here on the farm with me. Her family is from a country called Peru.  Her mom, my grandma, was a grand champion! My dad's name is "Lumberjack Chief" and he's a Grand Champion of the United States! I hope I can be just like him when I grow up. I love people and I'm very friendly and loving, and I am now in charge of the boys. 

Alessia Irtysh Koa


Hi! My name is Alessia Irtysh Koa. I am the newest cria Llama on the farm. I was was born on 9/6/2022 and I was a complete SURPRISE!! My fleece shines since I am a light silver! I like to greet the humans with a sniff and kiss. I took a fourth in Iowa and I am about to show off my beauty again in March.  My big brother is Wenatchee and Tallulah Kenai is my little sister!!



Hi! My name is Divinity! The humans call me "Diva." My birthday is 5/14/2017. I mean business, and no one takes advantage of me!! I put everyone in their place. I just had another cria in the fall. Her name is Conchita Bonita, a beautiful seashell.



Hi! My name is Calista and I am 3 years old. I just had a baby girl in October and her name is Ianna Caliope. I have already won in competitions so I am pretty proud about that!! Now I am going to raise my babies.  I have a sweet demeanor.  So far, I am getting used to these Alpacas.

Ianna Caliope
Hi! I am the newest on the Farm. I was born on October 28th and I share the same birthday as one of my owners so I am so "special." I am well loved and I can't wait to train so I can be a winner like mom.
Tallulah Kenai
Hi! My name is Tallulah Kenai. My mom's name is Blue Danube and my Dad's name is Kyle. He was a grand champion! His fleece hangs all the way to the ground. He's very handsome and pure black in color. I got my mom's blue silver color but I think I am going to have wooly fiber like my dad!! I love being trained and can't wait for my first shows!!
Conchita Bonita
Hi! My name is Conchita Bonita which means "beautiful seashell." My mom is Divinity and my dad is Casper. I look just like my dad since I am an appaloosa which makes me very valuable!! I hope I am a wooly like my dad!

New 2023 Alpaca Crias

Hitch'N Post Rico

Hi! My name is Rico. My mom is Raisa, the pretty one. I am light fawn in color. I am going to my first show in March and I want to win!!

Hitch'N Post Romeo

Hi! My name is Romeo, and I am handsome! I look just like my Daddy, Valentino. I have a brother, Rico who's on the farm too. We are best friends!!
El Capitan del Amor of Hitch'N Post
Hi! My name is El Capitan' del Amor. It means, "The captain of love." My ears were heart shaped when I was born but they are perfect now!! I'm named after my auntie Caprice. I never got to meet her but mom says it was her very best friend. I was born right on shearing day so lots of people got to see me being born!! Eventually I'll be the prime man for the girls, so I am pretty special! My fleece is thick and I look like a polar bear right now but I'm going to grow big!!
Hitch'N Post Ave' Maria
Hi! My name is Ave Maria. I am a dark grey in color and my mom is Ariana. She is very pretty. I was second born on the farm this year so I'll gonna be a big girl pretty soon. I am going to be in my first shows soon and practicing a lot!! 
Hitch'N Post Maggie Mae
Hi! My name is Maggie Mae and my momma is Miracle. I am her oldest and I'll have a sibling next year. I am dark fawn in color and my daddy is national champion, Reputation. I have color because of my dad and I hope to be a champion too!

Scarlet Town

My name is Scarlet Town. I'm named after a Beetles Song. My dad is Irish Meadow's Crescendo who is a National Champion and my momma is Sorcha who placed in top 3 several times over. I want to win big too because I have ringlet curls!!! I can't wait to be the next scarlet at the shows next year!!

My name is Irish Meadows' Rosalyn and I am brand new on the farm. My dad is Irish Meadows' Elite Max and mom my is Irish Meadows' Crescent Moon's Moonlytroses. My new people already figured out that I can be stubborn because I am going to cush anytime I want, and that means during training time and at the show!! I do like to be loved on and its ok to feel my fleece.  I already made friends with Scarlet and Ave' Maria here at the farm!!

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